The Association for Curative Education and Social Therapy in the Nordic countries

The A for Curative Education and Social Therapy in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) is a comprehensive Nordic network of welfare organisations for functionally challenged children, young people and adults.

Anthroposophic ethics and philosophy are the basis for the work done. This work is continually being evolved in order to meet the challenges being put to us in a way that is productive for individual requirements as well as for society.

The Association’s aims, organisations and people to contact:

The society’s aims were regulated in 1998 in the following way:
The Association for Curative Education and Social Therapy in the Nordic countris is a society of independent communities working for children, young people and adults with special needs. The basis for this work is the anthroposophical way of understanding humanity as described by Rudolf Steiner. It is today represented by the Free College for Spiritual Knowledge in Dornach, Switzerland. The society’s goals are to develop anthroposophical curative education and social therapy.

Stadgar (pdf, 28 kb)

Board of directors

The association’s board of directors consist of five country representatives, each elected by one of the five countries involved, together with a chairman and a treasurer who are elected by the society’s AGM. The current board members are

Chairman: Alexandra Zoffmann
Traesurer: Bo Sjögren
Representatives of the countries:
Denmark: Anne-Lene Jappe
Finland: Anja Lehtonen
Iceland: Thor Ingi Danielsson
Norway: Aina Nagell-Sværk
Sweden: Sofi Ericson

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